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Jane McDonald
I recently completed a social history based on diaries in my family archive. My great great grandmother Harriet Smith from Westmill married George James Sparrow of London and held the copyholding of Brickendonbury manor from 1842 to 1847. George was a graduate of the Royal College of London Veterinary school in 1839 and in 1847 moved to Torquay. Harriet and George had three sons and emigrated to NZ in 1857. I have no further information about Harriet other than her parents were Harriet and James Smith of Westmill or Ware. Are you able to clarify if this is a Westmill family if possible? Thank you. Jane McDonald
8 March 2019, 04:22 - New Zealand

Eddie Sammons
This is a thank you note to Nigel. I've sent an eMail to Alison
17 March 2013, 11:42 - Spain

Alison Plumb
I have the Guy Ewing book if you haven't managed to find anyone else with a copy. Happy to email you the photograph. Also, check out the Westmill album on my Facebook Community Page Buntingford In Old Photographs for old photographs of Westmill.
14 March 2013, 17:53 - Sawston

Eddie Sammons
Thank you - very kind of you.
I do have the ancestral line from Charles to me. Incidentally the surname comes up variously as Summons, Simmon(d)s etc.
Any family background would help particularly about Charles' daughter Eliza (my great grandma)born 1848.
4 February 2013, 08:26 - Spain

Eddie Sammons
I hope to visit Westmill in April on a visit from Spain to do some ancestry research. I appear to be a direct descendant of Charles Sammons (Salmons)who was born in Westmill c1810. The family lived in various places such as Aspenden and Layston.
Does anyone know anything about the family?
Does anyone have a copy of Guy Ewing's book about Westmill which contains a photo of a Mr. Sammons of Westmill?
Any info appreciated.
3 February 2013, 16:54 - chriseddie45@hotmail.com

Webmaster comments   Hi Eddie,

We have our AGM next week so I'll make a point of asking on your behalf to see if anyone at the meeting can help.

Thanks for looking!


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